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Big or small is not an issue, you can outsource just as much or as little as you need. We will take over a fully-fledged editorial process (concept, editing, layout, translation, printing, dissemination), a complete multimedia development (concept, contents, development, maintenance), or just the parts you need.

Our strategic communication services include management of international outreach programmes, building media partnerships, developing and implementing communications strategies, as well as evaluation of communication activities.

We are passionate about our job and have developed a series of tailored communication trainings to make sure we pass the message: writing to grab attention, how to do a communication plan, the six elements of communication, how to make an interview, etc.


Our trademarks:

  • Journalistic style
  • Visual communication material
  • User-friendly platforms
  • High quality content
  • More than one language
  • Competitive prices

Our daily bread:

  • Multi-level target audiences
  • Varying cultures
  • EU visibility guidelines
  • Customer satisfaction


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