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Idea Network relies on many more communications professionals, but in our core team you will find:







Francesca Predazzi


a senior communications consultant and network coordinator. Francesca brings high-level professional experience in political journalism, policy communication, strategic planning and assessments with a focus on EU and international projects. She loves to communicate difficult topics a simple and beautiful way and to oversee the production processes. She is fluent in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.


Kosta Pavlowitch


a senior communications consultant and journalist, native bilingual in English and French, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Kosta has worked for the BBC World Service, been editor-in-chief of a national newspaper, and led a multi-layered EU communications project. Merging the experience of journalism and strategic communication, he offers high-end editorial, production and training expertise, across the range of communications platforms.

Myria Antoniadou


an international communications consultant, trainer and writer with native English and Greek. She has worked for all the media, including news agency, print, TV and radio and for the past 10 years has been writing publications for the EU and its policies. Myria uses her journalism experience to produce material that attracts the attention of the reader and manages to pass on the messages in a practical and comprehensible way. To find out more about Myria:

 Dorsaf Mezhoud


PR consultant and foreign languages lover. She speaks fluently Arabic, French, English and Italian, and she is learning Spanish, German and Norwegian. Dorsaf is a specialist in media relations and an expert in online communication. She has been collaborating for several years with the main EU-funded communication project on the Euro-Mediterranean partnership. She has advised multinational companies and adapted their communication strategies to the Tunisian media context.

 Alessandro Giacopini


a coordinator of multimedia production. Alessandro brings extensive experience in the design, development and management of websites and web campaigns, video, branding and applications, his goal is to ensure full customer satisfaction. Alessandro is a partner and operational manager at Around Culture Spa where he can combine his passions for environment, culture and communication; to find out more about Alessandro, visit

Michela Scibilia


an accomplished art director and editorial graphic designer with a long experience in corporate and institutional communication on all possible graphic interfaces (web, tables, smartphones). She manages everything involving print, i.e. offset, silk or digital printing. She works in many languages although when she speaks she prefers to stick to her native Italian, preferably spoken with a Venetian accent. To find out more about Michela:

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